Monday, August 14, 2006

Time for Mama to get Krump!

The last week has been filled with school shopping!  My teens noticed today that I was singing and giddy with excitement and in a light, silly mood.  They came out and accused me of being happy that they are returning to school tomorrow!!! Of course, I was wide-eyed and in shock at such an accusation!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There will not be anyone around for me to nag about turning the music down, or prod to do chores, or get off the phone,...what will I ever do with myself without them...whose arguments will I referee in their absence! Who will bombard me with continuous outrageous request of "can I's"?  Yo! do I hear silence, hours of silence nearby?! Will there be time routinely to hear myself think????  Well, damn straight I'm happy they are returning to school!  And I mean that in the most encouraging way because a mind is a terrible thing to waste!

To celebrate and recover from a tab bit of sadness from some disappointing decisions of late, I will be back in Studio 3 for the next month, possibly 2!!!  The kids helped me set it up today and tomorrow I begin working.  I'm set to sew this time and not dye.  Since I have a longer time there, I will be more fexible with my schedule and not stay the 10-12 hours there every day like I did back in June when I had it for 7 days.  No more than 6 hours a day, longer on weekends and about 4-6 days each just depends on my progress.

In my last post, I mentioned the silk fusion which I thought I had photographed but this is all that I have on my camera.Dscn1825 It is of me wetting the silk between two screens.  It turned out a beautiful fiery red and orange that I gave to Juanita as a small parting gift.  I hope she can find something fantastic to do with it. 

Since my last post, I made a trek to Berea with 3 quilt guild girlfriends and just had a blast getting to know them on the 2 hour ride and walking around the town for its 2nd annual Quilt Extravaganza...its a beautiful historic town with the friendliest people and artists' shops and studios. 

Here are photos taken at the Museum of Design Atlanta of functional items by contemporary African Artists.  And can you guess the intended function of the last piece pictured on the bottom right?  I'll provide the answer and a prize for the correct answer.  And as always on my blog you can click on the image to enlarge it.

Dscn1810_1  Dscn1811



Dscn1815 Dscn1820 Dscn1822 Dscn1816_1  Dscn1817 Dscn1823


  1. Hi Karoda!
    Is it a newspaper holder?

  2. Back to School...I hear you, Karoda.
    Is the object for holding firewood?
    And look, there's Mary again! She showed up on my book blog this morning. She knew we missed her.

  3. I believe it is a rabbit hutch...easily movable to parts of the garden that need fertilization...can't wait to see what develpoes from you studio time...Ginger

  4. I don't now what it is, but it is beautiful. I think Steph is looking forward to school days, too!

  5. Nope to all the answers so far as to the function of the object, but Mary's and Jenclair's guesses are on the periphery of possiblities.

  6. School starts next monday for us....I'm counting the days down. Can't even make a guess about the onject, I would make a wild satb and say something to help dry clothes on. lol

  7. I'm going to take a REAL crazy stab in the dark and say the object is a baby bed. Most of the captions were Greek to me, didn't understand a word of what they were comparing their work to, etc. But interesting pieces nonetheless! I don't have to understand to appreciate ;-)
    I'm feeling guilty about it, but I am beginning to count down.. I just want some time to myself..even if it's working & going to school myself - I'll count it! I need a break from the incessant chatter!! Lord knows I love intelligent conversation & she cracks me up most of the time, but lately I can't even hear myself think in the confines of my own head! I need a break... I think I still have another week or so to go for the return of school here. Sigh...