Friday, August 4, 2006

Sale or Trade

Handmade Silk Paper by Kath Russon  (clickable link to amazon)

I purchased this one and Take Silk by Judith Pinnell  (clickable link) at the same time to compare.  Its my policy to have only one book on any given technique or process.  Russon's book goes into more detail on using a variety of silk fibres and dyeing them and more processes than Pinnell's.  Pinnell's has more "projects" but doesn't cover the dyeing or using more processes the way Russon does.  I love the silk fusion but will not go so far to invest in the various silk fibres to use and am happy to purchase my silk fibres already dyed so I'm keeping the Pinnell book.  If you're interested in Russon's book at 12 bucks plus the cost of mailing or want to trade something as enticing, email me at karoda2743 at aol.  Put an identifying title of the email so I will not delete just in case I don't recognize your email. 

I did a piece today along with some painting and tissue dyeing of in a few days.


  1. You are making me wait for pictures?

  2. Joanna van RitbergenAugust 12, 2006 at 4:52 AM

    I just bought the two books by Judith Pinnell. I wish I would have bought the one by Russon..oh well! Anyways, if you are interested in checking us out, I have a group on Yahoo Groups called SurfaceDesign and we are working with silk fusion right now. We do PC and art trades.