Monday, April 21, 2008

As I begin to rock steady.

Today was my 3rd day in my workshop.  I'm not sure if this will become routine, but so far I start my time when I arrive by slapping some paint on pages in a book being altered, followed by 5 minutes to focus on what I'm going to achieve for the day then I'm up and sewing...right before I leave I slap 2 more pages in the bookwith paint and then I go upstairs to chat with who ever is in the house, one or both of my parents and/or a niece and great niece...then I depart for home usually around 7ish.  Its a steady 5-7 hours of me actually in my workshop...anywhere from 15-21 hours a week.  At this point, no hard and rigid rules or goals as long as I'm rocking steady. 

I'm still finishing up the red silk hanging that I'm calling Red Sea.  The facing method which Kathy Loomis featured in American Quilter a few issues ago is what I selected to finish off the edges.  It is more user friendly than the pillowcase method for me.  The bead work will get under way tomorrow. 

The primaries will be held tomorrow in Pennslyvania.  I think the tv will stay off until the polls close, but I will try to give Dee a holler tomorrow to see how she experienced the selection process. 

Yesterday my mother, an aunt and myself rode a purple chartered bus to Cincy to see the The Color Purple on the stage.  I cried through most of it and when I wasn't crying I was laughing.  I haven't reread the book since it first came out in the early 80s...through my tears it hit me just how powerful a story it is about love...the triumph of matter how horrendous  we experience living, our souls are always seeking to move toward love, to become love.


  1. Ha! That slapping paint into an altered book routine sounds familiar! I did that and since it was finished (but not actually journalled into) I started the Journals course and haven't picked it up... I think I like the making better than filling!

  2. the wonderful development continues. Bet there were some great conversations and private dreaming on the bus ride home from the play.

  3. Love is the answer!! I am so happy to hear about your studio days. BO did OK tonight. I would have been happier with single digits - maybe when it si all over it will be 9 or 8. Anyway, I still think he has the mo!! We will give hima big boost in Oregon.

  4. Hi Karoda,
    Good to see you up and going in your workshop! What a totally great idea this was, and I'm sure the space will serve you well. Keep pressing forward; you're in my thoughts.