Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beading Cabochon

Dscn3028 Beading can become monotonous. I jump around on the quilt and change up which beads I'm working with to break up the routine of it...similar to hand stitching it is very relaxing.  Unlike hand stitching, the squinting to pick up beads onto the needle breaks the meditation of it. 

I used the gourd bead stitch to encase the cabochon (btw, I like the way saying this word sounds and feels in the mouth).  This is my first attempt.  The above picture shows the base layer followed by rows of bead one, skip one pattern, followed by an increase row and a decrease row.  Rereading the instructions over and over still didn't allow me to "become one" with them...laying the base row gave me a sense of accomplishment that over-boosted my confidence.  In addition to having an even number of beads in the base row like the instructions called for, I think it is necessary to mark the first or last bead as the bead one, skip one pattern in the successive rows became confusing to me.

My completed encased cabochon (this word sounds of French origin), did not have the tightness like experienced beaders but it does hold it in. Dscn3032_3   


Yesterday Peter hooked up my computer in the workshop but I'm not on-line yet there and not sure if I will hook it up. Afterward we spontaneously made a trip to IKEA in Cincy.  We squeezed in a quick trip to Jungle Jim's International Grocery but didn't have time to linger as we wanted to get back before it got dark...Later, I'll show you the great selections of hot sauces that I grabbed.



  1. How funny! I'm working on one too and exactly the same thing happened to me. I was fine until I ended my first row of beads and then I choked! It's the next on my list "to do" tho, so maybe I'll make some progress in the next couple of days.
    Post yours too and we'll cheer each other on! :)

  2. Love the bead encrusted cabochon! Beautiful, K !

  3. Oh, the, sweet fire!
    Lettting everyone from my link list know that my 10,000th visitor is coming soon, and that lucky person will be receiving a gift - take a peek!

  4. Cabochon is such a catching doesn't really roll off the tongue, but sort of rolls around in the mouth a bit first, doesn't it!
    Love the beading Karoda!!