Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Workshop

Dscn2973 Red, the colour of passion.  Yesterday was my first day of working in the shop.  My father calls the space "my workshop"...I prefer that over the word "studio" so that is the word I'm going to use.  Mary asked me if I'm going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony...and at first I chuckled but after giving it some thought I think at one point I actually will have an open house for fiber friends and associates.

I pulled out this red piece that was inspired by 3 pieces from Sam Gilliam's exhibit at the Speed Museum last year.  It is really more vibrant red than it appears in this photo.  I want to see how dimension can be created using one colour with different weights and styles of stitching. The aim is to create 2 other pieces in blue and yellow that will be companion pieces to this one.

The Making A Way photo album was accepted as a mid-point check in for the grant from KFW.  This lets me know that it does a good job of communicating the story.  Also, it was appreciated that I had given thought to the best way to spend the grant money and produced an even better solution than my original proposal.  Go ahead and check the final pictures for yourself.   

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  1. Woo hoo! So excited for you. I hope you are getting good weather and staying healthy. You need lost of energy for all that creating that is about to happen!!