Tuesday, April 8, 2008

If I could whistle, I would

but I can dance...Juanita was whistling and all but dancing the other day, I would have been doing both yesterday if I could whistle. We made more progress on the studio set-up.  Here is Christian, Mo's dorm neighbor,Dscn2906  excited about helping out...

The Making Away photo album has been updated to show the progress.  In this process I've become addicted to Craigslist...the rugs, the chair and ottoman, and the blue office chair came from there.  The white microwave cart with the inks and paints on top I got by default...I ordered it from Overstock.com and Peter spent 2 hours putting it together and after saying a gazillion times that I had measured it before ordering, the microwave didn't fit...I had only measured the width and length but not the height.  Okay, so, to purchase another I think this warrants a trip to IKEA which opened in Cincy last month...I need to SEE it in person and then I'll know!

I did try to sell the microwave cart on Craigslist, but no takers.  It was destined to be reclaimed by me for another purpose, right?

My main purpose is to get everything in and then I'll refashion once I know what I'm working with.  But yesterday pretty much pulled us over the hurdles.  Just lightweight odds and ends and then the last things to come in will be my sewing machine, computer and printer.


  1. Congrats, Karoda. I know you are eager to get to work. Can't wait to see what work the new studio brings to you.

  2. Looks like you're getting there. I enjoyed looking through the album of photos to see your progress. Glad to see that you have that nice big comfy chair. I've found mine to be the biggest design tool. It's amazing what you can be seen in your work when you're just relaxing OR beginning to doze OR just waking up. I also keep a pair of binoculars close to my chair. Viewing the art through the wrong/back end of them gives you great distance to get another perspective.

  3. If it doesn't sell on Craigslist, send it off on Freecycle - it's great! You can ask for things on there too and it's amazing what people are thrilled to give up!
    Glad you're feeling better! :)

  4. You are definitely on the move again! Can't wait for the next step!

  5. keeping abreast of the developments in your studio remains my favorite vicarious thrill.

  6. I just had a look at the Making A Way album. It was an educational exp for me, a non-quilter. I saw the white design wall and wondered what that was until I saw it in action - Wow! I love the "wrong end of the binoculars" suggestion. Can you see your design wall from your chair? To get the long view on my paintings, I lay on the bed. Nothing like gazing and then nodding off for a bit to get that perspective to loosen and then clarify.
    This is exciting to follow!