Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a thousand sleeping shadows chant???????

Dscn3026 Its very challenging to work with one "red sea" in black and white...the texture is mainly created by the hand sewing and the beading...the colour on the silk is varied which helps with subtle value changes...the beads are in the lower right corner and you might get a better view if you click on the picture to enlarge it.  There is a lot more beading to be done but before I continue I'm going to stop in at a few bead stores tomorrow and look for varied red beads.  I contemplated adding another colour or two but it didn't feel right...the original idea still holds.  I tried to find the 3 pieces made by Sam Gilliam online to inidicate what I'm trying to achieve...I think it will be clearer once the 2 cousin pieces to "red sea" are made.

Yesterday I worked on 3 seperate pieces in progress...after the red bead shortage I beaded the "blue grid" for a while then sat in my comfy chair to read Beading on Fabric and woke up almost 2 hours later.  I auditioned fabrics for a piece inspired by Willie Pearl, my great grandmother and a poem I wrote about "weusi" (we, us, and i).  It was 5 hours of actually working.

Dscn3018 I'm home today and my plan is/was to actually prepare foods for the rest of the peas and tomato stew, baked sweet potatoes, green salad, beef steaks, and I'll make salmon croquettes on Friday.  First I have to clean the kitchen which Ade was suppose to do last never fails, if I fall asleep before he cleans the kitchen, he will not do it.  This is his regular chore which he does well when he does it.

Dscn3017I couldn't find "for" should read a "thousand sleeping shadows beneath her bed chant for rain".  I had the shadows, whispering, singing, incubating...for honey, death, songs, blue flowers, etc. before I settled on chant for rain...why rain?  why chant?  I don't know...and how can shadows sleep and chant at the same time....ummmm, through dreaming maybe?  How is that for a peek inside my mind?



  1. Wow and my goodness! Beautiful words. I don't care if they make sense or not!

  2. Of course they do. I've heard them.