Thursday, April 24, 2008

Red is in love with me.

Red_sea_3Yesterday's dinner plans got laid by the wayside for a good deal on craigslist for a computer desk for the workshop and a metal locker style chest of drawers for my energy level and mental focus wasn't up to cooking anyways so it was not a battle for me to push it to the side and go pick up my items.  Long John Silvers and Kroger's deli rescued us from growling stomachs.  Today it was tuna salad, carrots, and grapes...another easy fix after being in my workshop from noon until 7pm.  I took a break for light lunch and for 3 breathing treatments which take less than 15 minutes each.  The remainder of the time was spent putting bead embellishments on Red Sea (working title). 

When I first started today, the bead work made me think about fossilized plants and animals like I have seen at the Falls of the Ohio...when I had placed a good number of beads on one section, the idea of a quilt being sculpture came to mind.  When I wrapped up the day I placed Red Sea around my neck (it measures 10"x36") and I thought of wearable art.  A quilt can be so diverse in the art form it takes.   

The bead work feels really right for this piece and the more I add the more it speaks to me.  What I discovered about random beading is that it isn't really random at all.  The color of the bead, the shape and size, the spacing, the line they create, etc.  have a right place.  I found myself taking beads out, redoing them so that the thread lines and the bead lines talk with each other.  These images are scanned because it doesn't photograph well but since it is my current beloved I wanted to show him off.  He is subtle with his come on but Red_sea_2 I still swoon when he whispers in my ear.

I'm going to add 2 cabochons for a soft focal point...they are red is smaller than the other and it will be the "eye" of the piece...right now, I'm thinking the eye of God.  The larger one measures about 2 inches long, 1/2 inch wide and has a slight curve.  I've never encased cabochons before but I'm looking forward to the challenge. 

My parent's neighbor wants me to let her know when I start selling my quilts...I knew she meant bed quilts and instead of me taking the opportunity to talk about what I'm trying to achieve I just nodded and said "sure".  She'll be the first on the invite list when I hold an open house.  It will be easier to show her than tell her.

Peace,  Red_sea_1


  1. Red Sea. Lovely. All those snaking curving flowing lines. I wish I could see the whole piece.

  2. Your free form quilting really works nicely on this, and you are so right about the beads -- they are perfect. i can't wait to see this one finished.
    I also agree that the best way to teach someone about what we do is just to show them. I bet your neighbor will be very pleasantly surprised when she sees your work.

  3. Karoda
    This is gorgeous, one of your best.(imho) Can't wait to see future pieces. It would be interesting to see a red sea series.Have you given that any thought? A wave of red sea works would make a fantastic installation piece.

  4. I always learn a great deal about design and my deepest creative intentions through improvisational beading. It's a sort of visual jazz process -- seeing & treating it that way helps all sorts of wonderful things to occur.

  5. I love the stitching on this. It is so organic and lovely.

  6. Love, love, love the red and the stitching and the beads!

  7. Ooooh! How I love RED. It swirls with fire and passion and little bits of sparkle in the beading. I second that you have to make another to start your RED series.

  8. How I love this quilt. You have very good taste. Most people go for the kill and then their quilts are so over the top. Congratulations.