Saturday, May 24, 2008

Knocked out by Joy

Fridays are typically set aside to spend with my man since he is off from work that day but after Thursday's class with Juanita Yeager at the Carnegie in New Albany, Indiana I was over the top eager to return to my workshop and get down and dirty with what I had learned...a quicker and more comfortable method of dye painting that I had previously been introduced to by Hollis Chatelain last year in Berea.

The armless spirit women I did in class (not sure why I drew them.  I didn't overthink or think much about it at all, but just started drawing them out of the blue):

DSCN3133This image is prior to washing out the rice paste that the dye is mixed into.  The 2nd yard was started on Thursday with stamping the numbers but the class ended before I could do the background.  This could have easily been a week long class but in grand Juanita style, she always manages to give lots of info and instruction when needed into any amount of time spent and Thursday was no exception!

DSCN3131The 3rd piece I started from scratch on my own but will wait to share it after its completed.

Meanwhile I'm truly digging these numbers and the blending of the background. 

Oh, but prior to getting to my workshop I took my mother to see Juanita's solo exhibit Friday morning and when I left my workshop in the evening, (I changed clothes first but still had blue hands), I picked up a friend and returned to the Carnegie for the artist's reception! 31, no make that 31! gorgeous quilts!!  Most of them produced since her move to Missouri...and her quilts hang sooooo beautifully...I prolly should have taken the finishing class over again.  I could kick myself for not taking pictures at the reception.  The Carnegie holds the best receptions with delicious food and a live jazz band.  The exhibit is up til July so if you're not from this area and plan on passing through...put it on your agenda to stop and if you're in the region, its worth the cost of gas (no really it is) to make a planned trip to see the show.

Today will be spent resting and refueling and doing what I'm suppose to do health-wise and recovering from so much Joy! peace...






  1. OMG - Hollis Chatalaine is one of the few people I am lusting to take a workshop from. Maybe this year in Houston ...I love your armless women .. maybe armless (as in not bearing arms - peaceful). Your colors are great!
    Congratulations on such a great week !

  2. Your voice throughout this post is SO joyful! Lots of brilliant color here ... love it!

  3. Karoda, these are fabulous!!! I just love the armless ladies and their attire.......and the numbers are fantastic: love the background colors! You have inspired me to get off my butt and get out to the studio!!! Thank you.
    Happy weekend.

  4. I love your spirit women! Wish I could see Juanita's show.