Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Will it be blue or yellow come next?

Dscn3046_3 I'm beading right along on Red. Dscn3052

I need to pick up 2 more odd shaped beads for one section and place red foil in small spots and it will be finished tomorrow.  Here it is on the left waiting for the glue to dry.  So far this has been the best photo image I've taken of this piece.

The electrician came yesterday to give me an estimate on another wall outlet and overhead light that will prevent me from running extension cords. 

For next week I have to set aside some time to dye some silk...will use MX dyes and the microwave and also introduce myself to using acid dyes.  I hope I have enough silk.

Here are some close-ups of Red.



And to end this post, how about another shot at the current state of affairs from The Basement Workshop.Dscn3050 



  1. Hi, Your work looks great. I wish I had a proper workshop, my work gets done in our dining room which means things everywhere and a hasty clear up at the end of the day!!

  2. Oooo Honey girl, that Red is my Favorite color, & it looks as yummy as Cinnamon Red Candy Hearts! I LOVE IT!

  3. So gorgeous! Those close ups beg to be touched!