Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Putting Something Together

I heard the voice from deep within say "don't go today, stay in bed", but I ignored it and went to my workshop today.  The more I moved the more I ached but I told myself "once I get to the workshop and put my hands on fabric I'll forget about the pain".  Sometimes this works. Yesterday was not one of those sometimes.  My sewing chair was empty and the sewing machines sat turned off for most of the time I was there.  Most of my time was spent in the comfy chair trying to relax enough to focus.  I was irritable and the pain increased and I just couldn't think clear no matter how hard I tried. 


I did sew 4 straight seams but then stopped before I messed something up.  I then tried dyeing using the new iDye by Jacquard.  I overdyed the stamping I did last week with the method of rice paste resist dyeing that I learned in Juanita's class.  This is Gun Metal grey which I like: DSCN3149

The fabric is laying on my lap because after dyeing this yard of fabric in the washing machine and drying it I was back in the comfy chair.  But I learned by error that the packaging that the dye is in is water soluble.  Even after reading and re-reading the directions I didn't pick that hands where wet while cutting the packet with scissors to pour it out, the packet started to desolve.  I had to make the mistake in order to understand.  I returned to the comfy chair. 

I then thought a stroll outside would help clear my head.  I took some photos of the roses in my mother's back yard (i started a new blog for photos only. go here).  After I returned back to the workshop I still didn't feel like doing anything but guess who did?  Ade did! This is a first!  He asked if he could "put something together".  Although I do not have a photo of the finished piece, here he is in action!  He is my most artistically inclined child but artistically undeveloped.  I had him in a touring boy's choir for 3 years.  He enjoyed the travel and the performances but hated the long hours of practice.  He still sings ALL THE TIME!!  He has tried drawing and painting and still dabbles and we're thinking about piano lessons but our main focus is getting him out of high school.  He really and has always struggled academically due to auditory processing disorder.  He is clever and funny and sometimes surprising...I would have never guessed that he would want to try "putting something together" with fabric.


















  1. Isn't it the best when one of your children adopts an interest that you also have?!!!

  2. It is thrilling when a child expresses an interest in any of the arts. The older they get, the more exciting it is to watch. How did he feel about what he put together?

  3. I love the "surprise" moment of unexpected mother-child connection. Proving we should remain flexible in our definitions for our offspring as well as defining how we do or do not influenced them. I know that deep-inside voice very well and I want it to grow stronger. So this year I decided to be radical and listen to it even though that means I have to remain very fluid and at least partially unpredictable where planning and schedules are concerned. It's amazing how many reflexes come up to prod me into doing "what I've always done" rather than what the voice as expresses as healing wisdom. But I am finally getting more adept at clearing that aside. Not sure how it would work in terms of meeting the grant's requirements, though ...

  4. You take care of yourself!!!!! I love that he was not afraid to sit down at the machine and create something.