Thursday, May 29, 2008

Somthing(s) went missing

Even though Wednesdays are not my scheduled days to be in my workshop I found myself there to wait on the AT&T tech who was scheduled to come between 1-5 to figure out the problem with the phone lines and what is preventing me from getting online.  Well after several call between 5-6 we were told that he was running behind and would be there first thing in the morning.  Nope! not going to work for me and I'm not rearranging my life today to accomodate what may or may not happen with the technician.  I'll get there around elevenish after an appointment. 

Mo did notice that I wasn't too upset about the missing technician because I had a fairly productive day compared to the day before.  My muscles and joints still ache and burn and I'm feeling slightly fatigued but instead of just shutting down completely, my preference is to move slower and be forgiving of myself.  

Yesterday I returned to working on the 2nd top in the Poetry Series.  After sewing on some strips to one of the focal panels I kept saying to myself, "something is missing" took me a few minutes to figure it out but I had yet to write the excerpt from the poem on the panel.  My mother was ironing while I was writing and stopped to check out what I was doing.  She asked me what I was going to do with the piece of fabric and I showed her the first panel and she let out a sing songy "ahhhhh" sound.  A sound of approval coming from her.  I really like that she can observe what I do. 





(auditioning of choices)

The titles of each quilt will take a line from the poem written on it.  This one is African ghosts cry in sunset hours.  I'm using TeeJuice Fine Line Markers to write on the fabric and I think they are the best! 









  1. I love to see how you audition fabric - this piece looks as though it will be gorgeous when you are done. Hope you feel better each day, Karoda.

  2. glad to see so much activity here....i have been neglecting blog reading lately but i am finally more organized!