Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Continuing right along

This week I've worked on 2 tops in my Poetry Series.  Right now I'm leaning toward getting these four tops put together and completed before I start the fifth one.  The fourth one will be between 6 feet and 7 feet in width and I've never quilted anything that large.

Here is the surface work on a partial view of the smallest one:


The changes I made on this one was using commercial fabric and making the writing more legible.  I'm going to add the circles on Thursday (if I can manage the gas to get there).

I thought about bringing some work home but I really do not want to be working out of both spaces.  The clear delineation between home and my workshop provides clarity and  a better flow of what needs to be done and when. Even though I'm always itching to get back to my workshop, more thought goes into my work by not having it around me all the time.

I could never do this at home:







  1. Ohhh! So nice ! It's really go be lovely - and huge ! Are you longarming it ?
    I love seeing photos of work spaces - what kind of paints are used etc. Thanks for sharing !

  2. hey, thanks for your comments on my blog, i have been pretty much to myself these days, not much blog reading or commenting. nice to see you working in your new space......

  3. That surface work is lovely!!

  4. Love the way the surface work - especially after I clicked to enlarge and could see the details and the text better!