Friday, June 20, 2008

Willie Pearl is never far away.

DSCN3240 The red cloth started out as one of 3 panels (the other 2 can be seen in the post below) that where to be sewn together.  But the design was altered today and to my surprise Willie Pearl found herself as the focal point on this one.  She had been pinned to the side of the design board with some other experiements I did almost 2 years ago with printing photos on cloth.  I pinned her up there as a way to remember to experiment again some day in the future...well I guess some day was today.  It surprised me but its very fitting since the poem written on the red cloth was inspired by her and her home.

She will sit there until next week when I return to see what she wants to do next?

And I'm promising myself that I will customize my blog heading before the month is over.  I upgraded on typepad to create a blog that is connected to this one but solely for visual of my quilts.  Its not set up yet as I've yet to make time to photography them.  I think I will feel better about interrupting my time to photograph them after I these tops quilted.

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  1. Wow, I just clicked on this to see a closeup. Your handwriting on the fabric is phenomenal.