Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daily Grind of Living Faithfully

I returned to my workshop on Monday as I'm committed to keeping the Deb said in the comments...just do it anyways.  Grant it, I wasn't as productive as I'd hoped but I did manage to finish writing on the last panel for the 2nd top in the Poetry Series...I also experiemented with writing with acryllic inks...this sample was ironed after it dried and then wetted with lukewarm bled which kinda surprised me since it is acryllic base.  I also prepared screens using the drawing fluid and screen filler.  The duct tape I use is 3M brand but I do not get a good adherence to the screen...I've tried a cheaper brand and had the same problem...I'm thinking about trying "artist tape".  If anyone has any other recommendations please let me know.  I'm rinsing the drawing fluid out here at home and will print with them (2) tomorrow.


DSCN3181Yesterday I was up to actually running the sewing machine so I sewed the panels one seam 4 times...I found that I was more committed to getting the seam (it really needs to be straight in these related pieces) right than being frustrated over having to re-sew!  I couldn't believe how calm I was about doing this over and of my more mellower moments for sure!  I also prepared the last of my cotton fabric for dyeing by soaking it in soda will be in the bucket until tomorrow.  I'm still uncertain about dyeing there or if I should rent out space for a day (20 bucks a day) at MACA to dye fabric...because I don't have that much I think I'm going to attempt to do it at the workshop since I have less than 5 yards and I'm only doing 2 colours, 3, at most. 

A few weeks ago I caught Alice Walker on a monthly tv show called In Depth that runs on  A 3 hour interview at her home in Berkley, California.  I've been told through the years that I exude an intense calmness but I've never seen myself that way...I do see Alice Walker that way and only hope to be able to express my inner voice with such calm and intensity as she...she definitely makes a strong case for meditation and writing practice.  Because I've been pondering motherhood, motherhood and being a poet/artist (something I've never resolved satisfactorily since I first began to question 27 years ago) I'm being led to read the books by Alice Walker's daughter Rebecca Walker.  I've never read any of her 3 books but would like to know her views on feminism and motherhood and to see if I can gleam any more understanding about the mother/daughter relationship...I have a quilt by the name of Faith of the Mother which examples marking time as a mother by my faith. 

I will be putting an update on my book blog in the coming week.  I started reading Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamott.  Michele sent it to me with the note that she thought of me frequently while reading it and I've since thought of 2 friends frequently while reading it.  This is my first book by Lamott and I'm enjoying how she plainly speaks about the daily grind of living with the daily grind of living faithfully  I will pass it on when I'm finished.


Of course Jesus would water his tomato plant!  Oh, and thanks for letting me know that "sit a spell" was not a phrase peculiar to the peculiar south.  I don't know why I'm so fixated on southern sayings or even the origin of cliches but when I use one I question how it got started and where it came from.  One that I believe is peculiar to my family (me, a sister, and my great grandmother) is "whatsonevah" meaning "what so ever".  You must use it like like one big word interject the n sound and say the er as ah. 



  1. Hey!! Love seeing your work. My daughter in SF has met Alice, she worked with a long time friend of hers. She says that she is a very calm and very unassuming person - no airs - very down to earth and well-grounded.
    I have a piece of art that Lisa painted for me with an Alice Walker quote. It is:
    ...guided by my heritage of a love of beauty and a respect for strength — in search of my mother's garden, I found my own.
    Peace and hangeth in,

  2. I believe heah in the South, we folks say "set a spell"!
    "Bird by Bird" is the Anne Lamott book that I am savoring at the present time. Wanna make a trade when we are both finished?
    Glad you got some studio work done! Love what you are creating.

  3. I am now in the process of buying the things I need for screen printing but wondered if I needed the whole frame thing. I was thinking of buying the mesh fabric and just taping up the edges. What's this "drawing fluid and screen filler" stuff about? Does that mean you don't need a thermofax machine to make your images on your mesh? I am so very new at this and curiosity has got me intrigued!

  4. I've been trying to figure out how to make script on fabric look all blurry and smudged. I was worried acrylic ink wouldn't work - but maybe now I will give it try.