Thursday, June 12, 2008

See whats happening

How could I leave this chair sitting on Craigslist?  I waited one month to inquire, then talked myself out of it, then waited another month and the owner still had it.  I went crazy over it when I first saw it so I'm thinking it was meant for me to have it.  Its not the most comfortable chair but it'll do for short spells.  I use it at the computer at the workshop.  I picked up an older and much used cordless iron yesterday that I found on Craigslist.  It works great for me to iron on my cutting table.


I washed out the green fabrics dyed with iDye Tuesday.  The fabric on the left is a poly-cotton blend that I previously used last year when I was experiementing with transfer dyes (which are not for me).  The iDye worked well with the transfer dye which are the graphic lines.   The fabric on the right is a blend also but a feels like linen but behaves like spandex.  I'm thinking there is more natural fibers which accounts for the loss in colour.

From this




to this






I returned to making the panels for my Poetry Series.  I used the back of the fabric I painted with the acrylic paint mixed with the GAC 900 because it shows more texture.  I'm adding the circles here with regular fabric paint and acrylic ink.




  1. Who cares if the chair is comfy, it is wonderful! I am enjoying your journey and look forward to seeing what you have been doing. Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers.

  2. that chair is ten kinds of awesome. Also am completely in love with the fabric on the left in the middle photo.

  3. I'm just repeating what ACey said! Love the chair and that particular piece of fabric!

  4. That chair is a piece of art - really wonderful.

  5. That chair is so cool! I'm glad it waited for you to take it home.

  6. I LOVE that chair! How is it made? What's keeping the rows of fabric together?
    I can see that with kente cloth! Best, Kyra