Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going blank for a title, but read it anyways...


Mo and I had a late lunch.  She was excited about scoring the highest A on her summer mid-term in her Intro to Pan-African Studies and blabbed on and on about how she is among the few of the 20 students who seem to have had previous exposure to some of the topics of discussion.  I refrained from getting snarky but I did gently remind her that her mother (me) was aiming for a double major back in the day in Educational Psych and Pan-African Studies...(I was only 4 courses away from the PAS major but I was more ready to be done with school).  It is a little reassuring to see some of what I've tried to incorporate has stuck. 

Yesterday I worked on quilting preliminary studies for The Poetry Series.  I finished 2.  The one above I'm putting in seed stitches and decided afterwards that the larger pieces really call for machine lines.  The machine lines seem more of a compliment to the organic nature of the surface design of the fabric.  Brings in more a sense of order without taking over...and for the same reason I'll put on a small binding.



How about one big collective "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"?!  How beautiful!  Grace, blog author at Barnyard Chatter awarded me one of her hand-dyed fat quarters for being one of the winning recipients of a blog contest she hosted. Right now, I'm leaning toward placing it into one of the poetry quilts.  Reds, Greens, and Yellows are the main colours.  Thank you Grace.


I enjoy blogging because I enjoy writing and it has also helped support my novice interest in taking photos.  It enhances self-communication as well as communicating with others and I've found myself wishing that more family and friends would blog. 

A few days ago I picked up a new local publication that profiled "The Creative Class".  It profiled about a dozen or so artists in this city and how they have impacted the image, economics, and culture of Louisville.  Since I'm not one to be all up in the mix, I appreciated the coverage and wished for more coverage of local artists, emerging and well established.  Then I thought, "if" I had the energy and time I would start a blog for just such a purpose.  It would make communication with other artists more accessible. If you're from Louisville and you're reading this, feel free to take this idea and make it your own! 


  1. I love that hand stitching you're doing!
    You go girl !

  2. I love how the stitch, either hand or machine, enhances fiber art. Knowing which way to go is sometimes difficult, but I love it when the fabric speaks right up to let you know what it wants!

  3. Glad to hear Mo is doing so well! Hey --- my degree is Pan-African Studies. Good stuff! Only (sadly) I didn't have the exposure beforehand that Mo has had. I hope she doesn't take you for granted!:)

  4. Ahh, prepping the next gen. Where is she going to school?

  5. Glad you were a part of my dyed fabric contest and so cool to know that it will be a part of your poetry series.