Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I get around (in my dreams)

After dyeing fabric the old fashioned low water immersion way using 6 different reds I tried something different for my greens...I painted some and then simmered some...the simmered fabric is one poly-blend and the other is a mystery fabric that I picked up in Baer's discount room.  The paint was a mixture of acryllic and Golden's GAC 900.  I've used it before but couldn't remember the results...I'll try to remember to place samples in my journal today. 


The simmered fabric was prepared with the no-mess IDye-Poly by Jacquard.  I let it simmer for about an hour. 


Wash out day is today.

I've allowed my contributions to the Take It Further Challenge fall way behind.  I swear on a stack of fabrics that I will not accept challenges again!!!!!!!!!!!  I work intuitively...meaning from the inside out.  The purpose of taking on a challenge should help me grow in the direction of work I'm already pursuing or plan to pursue.  But still, in an attempt to try and redeem myself by focusing on the colour combinations I pulled out of my scrap bag the colours for March's challenge...the sheet in the middle of the photo on the right...a great match...now I need to decide what to do with them.  I do want to experiment with colour combinations and since these appealed to me it was the shortest route to take to internalize the project.

DSCN3193 DSCN3194

Oh, and last night I dreamed I was at the home of a family from India and the husband was cooking for me and the wife was a short story writer and I was reading her stories from an anthology while dinner was being prepared.  There was a beautiful gold and brown silk fabric covering a Duncan Phyfe couch that the husband was stretched out on.  I could also smell the food.

Also, I've not forgotten about the Pay It Forward...June was my self-imposed deadline so somethings will be going out this month to Deb, Nellie and my memory is falilng me on the 3rd person who responded which I can check by bringing up the posts. 


  1. I love your dreams. We had th emost delicious Indian food on Friday night. I can still taste it. I had potato naan with roasted eggplant riata and cod in green curry sauce with green beans. MMMMMMM!

  2. oh to hell with deadlines. and i love the title of this post

  3. Your dreams are soooo involved! I had a wild one the night before last. It woke me up and I could remember it all very vividly, but then it was gone, except for 'the players' in the morning! Darn!!
    I need to get my PIFs completed also. sigh...........!

  4. Do you think you could sprinkle some of those dreams my way?? :-D I just want the sofa! Okay, maybe the fabric and food as well.. Sounds so wonderful, especially since I just read another "Indian" novel.. I STILL need to send you The Namesake.