Friday, May 8, 2009

I need your help...

Really, I need suggestions on how to attach this piece of copper.  What would a mixed media artist use to attach this, is the question I posed to myself.  I really don't want to use thread...I thought about copper jewelry wire but I'm not sure how strong it is...would it snap or break?  I thought about stringing the charcoal beads and using them to intertwine throughout the copper circle and it would also secure them down using fishing line. 




I didn't go with the black lines, instead I pulled the colours at the top into the bottom using thread and then will pull the charcoal into the top with the tiny beads.

I want to make 10 of these before the end of May.  These are small, 6"x12" simple designs and exercises in colour combinations.   I like the size and the design and after flipping through old sketch books I saw several of quick sketches just like is even a postcard I made in 2006 with pretty much the same design.  I called it House of Peace. 


 I'm also still uncertain how I'm going to finish the edges.  the canvas is to stiff and thick to roll back using a facing and I do not want to zig-zag...if I did a satin stitch I would want perfect matching thread for the charcoal and the coppery coloured top half.  What if I mounted it on foamcore and then used heavy weight card stock to cover the edges????  I even thought about mounting them on stretched canvas and either using rice paste glue or Y.E.S. glue or a permanent spray adhesive to attach it to the canvas? 

Since I declared Wednesday that I'm getting back on the good foot and shaking off the funk, I've spent 6.5 hours at my workshop.  I did bring somethings to work on while I'm home just in case I do not make it back tomorrow.  On weekends I have to have flexibility since my guys, youngest son and adorable partner, are out of school and off from work.  But I'll be back at the gym tomorrow and am looking forward to it (I can't remember ever feeling like that before...I use to look forward to jazzercise because my sister and I would stop afterwards and get ice cream that was next door to jazzercise).


  1. I would experiment with some fabric glue or golden gel medium to attach it.
    6 X 12 is an interesting size.

  2. I don't know if you would like my idea, as it will show and add more to the piece that you might not want...but, what if you place some little copper eyelets (I get them in the scrapbooking section, very small and cute!) around the outside and maybe one inside the circle. From there you can stitch in and around, kind of suspending the copper circle, like it's in a web.
    Does it make sense? I can see it, but maybe can't describe it right. Or maybe you hate the idea...but it's all I've got for ya!

  3. How about beading wire/thread to sew the wire in place. An awl or large needle could be used to poke a small hole into the materials to more easily do the sewing.
    I'm a big fan of couching "stuff" to finish edges. It's easy and effective.

  4. not sure what effect you are trying to achieve but as i was staring at the piece and i thought of taking beading wire and folding it in half and inserting both ends from the back then (like a "twist tie" on a loaf of bread) twist the wire together. with the excess wire you could bead it either wrapping it around the copper or taking a pencil and wrapping the beading around it to make a curly extension. hope that makes sense. maybe it is too much but thought i would share that idea. i have done some mixed media stuff in the past. love House of Peace!

  5. Having just finished one piece of hand-dyed quilted silk mounted on hammered copper, I can only tell you what I did.............drilled holes in the copper, used beading thread and beads on the surface of the quilt and then secured them through the piece of hammered copper. I glued washers (which I had painted copper) to the copper (surrounding the drilled holes) so as to appear that the washers had some sort of function in the application.
    Have you seen all of the terrific work that Trisha Hassler (I may have her first name wrong)has done. I think she is in Portland, OR.
    Good luck!