Friday, May 15, 2009

Its all good.

This morning it was a song by Kool Moe Dee on the radio that perked me up...nothing like old school rap...I was just "this close" to break dancing and annoying my 17 year old.  'He ain't up on it like that', nor could he appreciate it from an historical perspective...his loss.

I am still rolling (slowly, but still, ya know) at the gym 3 times a week.  This week I added an additional 5 minutes on the treadmill.  Since I've been doing this, its a must for me to take an additional nap during the day and I sleep very deep...a few hours of sleep feels like the next day when I wake up.  My sleep through the night is still broken up, never more than 4 hours straight.  Sometimes I can get back to sleep, but on the nights that I can't I so wish I had my workshop accessible.  When ideas flow in the middle of the night and at the time they seem so fantastic that I just know I'm going to remember them, right!?  Well sometimes I'll write them down. :)

The colour is slightly off, but here is the piece from the previous posts.  You will see I haven't attached the copper wire ring.  Thank you to all the commentors who left suggestions on how to attach it.  I'm still pondering them. I'm leaning toward putting in two holes and using a flat washer painted copper instead.  I mixed the charcoal paint with gel medium and painted the four sides.  I've yet to decide how to hang it, either frame or mounted to a stretched painted canvas...but for the moment I'm considering it complete.


The learning lesson here: painted canvas is unforgiving when stitches have to be stitches are the language of committment! 

Here is an in-process close-up of the next 6"x12".  This is raw and rough.  My current book and the one before present information/perspectives about The Slave Trade during The Middle Passage.  The raw and rough feel to this could possibly be a manifestation of what I'm carrying around as a result of reading Lose Your Mother by S. Hartman and The Slave Ship by M. Reidiker.



  1. I like that bottom piece.Very intriguing the black just reaches out and grabs you. Did you catch the poetry jam at the White House? I loved what Michelle was wearing.

  2. Hi, I'm from and have been following you for a short while. I have had sleep deprivation for some time and have found that as we get older we lose something called melatonin. This can be replaced by a vitamin called melatonin. I don't like to nor am I giving medical advice. But do ask your medical doctor about this melatonin. I used to wake every one to 2 hours each night and couldn't go back to sleep either. The melatonin is not habit forming neither does it make you feel drowsy or like you've been drugged. You do not even know that you have taken it. It takes about 2 to 2 and one half weeks to kick in though, so you have to be patient. You must take it about 30 minutes before you want to go to sleep. I wait until I'm in bed and have rested a while before I take it. It's been working for me and I am so glad to be able to sleep again. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. Treat yourself to an inexpensive but good sized sketchpad with a nice toothy paper and the biggest box of Crayons you can find. Beats a notebook hands down. Nothing like coloring in bed when the muse comes tapping.

  4. Gerrie, so far so good and an improvement in my collage work.
    Hi Carol, now that I've found your blog, I'll take a peek in from time to time. I'm going to run the melatonin by my doctors for their input. thanks.
    Miss Z, my niece, co-opted my last box of crayons...I'm gonna give it a try by the bed.

  5. wow I adore the way everything pops now. Am also thinking I like "stitches are the language of committment" as the first line of a poem.

  6. well i see acey has already commented on that phrase...i loved it.

  7. It has been a while since I've had any time of my own. It speaks volumes to me that the first thing I do is check your blog. I LOVE this piece!! The clean lines and dynamic presence delivered in the combination of pinstriping and that gorgeous red/orange/yellow tones above. I feel compelled to remind you that an artist is not made so by the quantity of their produced work, but by their spirit - and your spirit is unquestionably artist (with a good helping of revolutionary, queen, wise woman/sage, tongue in cheek commentator, etc.) You deliver art, not just in the work you produce - which remains astounding to me - but also in your blog, in your discussion of the process. I am inspired EVERY time I open your page, which is no small thing to me. I think you should listen to "how you like me now?" at least once a week and DEFINITELY break out at least one move to make Ade roll an eye ;-p

  8. I just discoverd your blog . . . not sure how I've missed it til now, but it's wonderful and I look forward to reading through back posts. Thank you.

  9. Karoda, I am really liking your new work, it really calls me in for a closer look with the way the black and white and gold are positioned.
    I hear you on the exercise thing...