Monday, May 18, 2009

Painting Canvas

Don't want to speak too soon but I've got a groove going back in the workshop!!  Whew, I was a worried there for a bit.  This is the beginning of week 3 of getting back on the good foot and I'm putting in 15 hours a week again.  (And week 4 of going to the and Ibuprophen have become close). 

I still have till the end of May (self-imposed timeline) to work with the raw canvas.  Through the Quilting Arts/Interweave site I discovered Alisa Burke and ordered her book, Canvas Remix, and enrolled in her online workshop entitled Graffiti Chic.  The timing to discover her was right on since she focuses on raw canvas.  For a week now I've been painting torn pieces and here is some of the results.  If you want to see a few of them up close, I uploaded some of my faves to Picasa here.


These are torn a little larger than 6"x12".  The first one I showed you I actually completed, really, I'm very satisfied.  Here is what I did to the "moon":



A few months back I took inventory of completed pieces that where exhibit ready and thought "yeah" I can submit to the 4 shows I identified without worry of overlapping...well, today I searched for the forms...I know they are there somewhere...the organization of paper has never been my strong suit.  I considered appealing to Saint Anthony but thought, "no, I'd rather be painting canvas".

  One of the positive reinforcements I received from reading I'd Rather Be In The Studio by A. Stansfield was computer organization of files and folders.  I've got to make time to get the data entered.  One day (3-4 hours) every 2 weeks to get info entered and set up seems reasonable.  By the end of the year I should have everything in that I want in and from there it would be easier to track...right? right. right! 

When I find the forms I promise not to wail (here) about another missed deadline :)

To end this entry on a happier note, here is what I think is the most successful collage I've ever created.  It really isn't "quilted"...the only quilt construction is the red rectangle on the left.  Majority of it is built up from the copper painted canvas.  As far as mounting goes, my thoughts were to paint the stretched canvas off white and attache it, but then yesterday I saw  this on The West Country Buddha blog, and I immediately saw this piece with an attached copper wire for hanging.  As typical for me...I'm gonna sleep on it.



  1. I'm so happy to see all of the yummy pieces you are creating........and that last one is a real treasure! Let me know how the computer organizing goes! Like you, I need some HELP!!!

  2. Ahhh, you are an artist whose form seems to be mixed media. These are wonderful pieces on several levels ... figuratively and literally. It sounds as though creating the elements and composing these two were joyful for you ... that energy is evident.

  3. It always seems to me that your skill set and organic talents come to stronger life when you work with/on canvas. Am really looking forward to see what grows out of that graffiti class. I am almost tempted to sign up myself but fear it would diffuse my focus and energy to a point of diminishing return.

  4. Oh it looks so GOOD! Love that you are enjoying the work too.

  5. I can't decide if I like the copper and charcoal piece or the one with the piece of mud cloth the best!
    Different strengths and styles for both, with the copper/charcoal piece having so much "intention" to it and the collage so intuitively right! Both are great pieces.
    You inspire me!

  6. Now you've done it! After reading your post about the Alisa Burke class I went off and signed up for it myself. I'm 2 weeks late but I already do the stuff she's showed so far so I don't think I'll lose anything except some time. Can't wait to see what's next!