Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Really Do Have Everything I Need...

and then some to create art quilts!  This statement has become a personal affirmation that I say often. I've got to get back on top of my throne...I've got to shake the funk off...I've got to get with it or quit it (something my mother use to say).  I've given myself grace to piddle long enough! As of tomorrow (dare I type this out loud), but let me say it again...AS OF TOMORROW I'm returning to a minimum of 15 hours each week at my workshop and for the next few weeks...I'll work with the painted canvas strips and then when June rolls around I will return to The Poetry Series!  I've said it here...and friends, family, and strangers who read here, don't hesitate to call me on the carpet if I stray from this plan.  I of all people know that the lights are never green at the same time and waiting around for everything to be "perfect", whatever that really is, doesn't make sense in the world of the peasant woman that I profess to be.  I'm placing the brakes on all the introspection and philosophising and lamenting over the malaise and physical hurdles that characterize what feels like months.  (The good thing about keeping a blog for me is that I can go back and read previous weeks to get a perspective shift...very similiar to when my kids would say "You always..." or "I never..." when that isn't the truth but only FEELS like it).  In the moment of funkified-ness it seems all encompassing and like its been that way all the time.  I was even leaning toward "i'm not worthy to be an artist"  "what have i made that was worthwhile or of any value".  Ooops upside my head!  Why in the world am I entertaining Evilina at my dining table and pouring her a glass of wine??????? 

While Todd was cutting my table


I was starting a database to inventory all the things in my workshop and deciding to kick Evilina out and reminding myself that I really do have every thing I need including the most valuable component, ME!

After Todd left I did just a little bit of putting things back where they need to be and ended by doing some beading.  This is the type of work I like to bring home and do late night if I happen to be up...most of the time I never get around to it here at home.  Piddlin' will be relegated to small spans of time and will not be the main use of my time...beginning tomorrow!




Here are more canvas strips...digging the gray with the sienna and gold!




  1. I'm so glad that you are kicking Evilina out of your life! You and your art are waaay too precious to let that nasty gal into your life!!

  2. Sounds like you had an intense self-therapy session! I'm with Judy, glad you are kicking E out of your life. And I'll be glad to remind you should she try to revisit!
    Dare I add that I want to see that piece you are beading on, close up? The quilting looks gorgeous, the texture yummy, and green is my favorite color.

  3. Do you have a personal photographer who follows you around and takes pretty pictures of you working? I am feeling much like you. I have way more than I need to make beautiful art. Why can't I get going?

  4. Evilina needs to take a "hike". From what I have seen your art is beautiful. Yeah you! for taking charge. You have a fantastic studio! The canvas cloths are wonderful.

  5. hehehe, my personal photographer is my 17 y.o. son. every time he picks up my camera i command "don't drop it!" it was the shenanigans of him and his sister that resulted in me being w/o my camera for months and months while it was in the shop for repairs.

  6. Karoda
    I'm diggin the canvas too.Lately, I find myself using canvas to back my fabrics with, kinda like batting,it works for me since I'm staying away from my sewing machine as much as possible. That's what I used for my Collage Mania piece

  7. now see the devil in me wants to see a pic of you in the throes of issuing your command. More seriously - these past few posts have been such a tonic for [most of] what was ailing on this end. I wish I could drop by and look at the layers up close. Am quite attracted to the texture you've got going on the piece you are beading.