Thursday, January 13, 2011

Collage, a Retake; Sketch, a Debut

This is for the Strathmore Workshop by Pam Carriker.  After I did this one I thought it would be enhanced with stitching.  I'm working both sides of the paper in this journal.  If I decide to explore it with stitch embellishment, I'll make a copy and collage it down onto water colour paper and go for it.  You can see the way it looked prior to this stage by clicking here.


and from the other sketch book, here is another highly prized coffee cup...the ones up 'til this point were my tea cups.  




  1. Karen, I just LOVE this face--the colors, the composition, the paper, the words. The eyes draw me in. Nice.
    I'm a big coffee lover, so I smile when I see your "highly prized coffee cup."

  2. loving the coffee cup and your other new sketchbook work, keep it up ;-) will help spur me on

  3. A most beautiful collage ! Finding peace is just the perfect expression.