Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lizzie's photo is highly prized.

Img097I am blessed to have some old photos of family born in the late 1800s.  This is a rarity for African Americans but due to the traveling photographers and the interest in imaging oneself and working for income it was an important thing to do in claiming one's own identity and sense of self during the period of so-called Reconstruction.  Although this image was taken in the 1960's of my 2nd Great Grandmother I do have one that was taken in and around the turn the 19th century.  I only recall meeting her when I was around 5 and was frightened of her as she seemed to be sooo old and feeble and "witch-like".  When I met her she couldn't talk but loved to reach out and hug young children.  It was only in my young adulthood that I held appreciation for at least having meet her.  This is my sketch of the photo printed on heavy cotton fabric.  I think I'm going to attach it to a mail bag (that I've yet to make).

Img096I concentrated on all the darker values to make this loose sketch.  I think this would be cool to free motion embroider on a white or unbleached cloth.

It is cold here today but daylight is stretching out longer and longer by the day and that is encouraging.  In a few hours I'll brave it to go gather my supplies for the workshop that begins tomorrow with Jane Dunnewold on Screen Printing at Univ. of Louisville.  She is speaking tonight at 6pm at the Chao Auditorium at the Ekstrom Library on campus.  I have every intent of going to hear her speak but since will actually make the judgement call once I'm out and about.  

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  1. jgaitherstoryquilter@verizon.netMarch 28, 2011 at 6:15 PM

    Hello from Joan Gaither. I love your solution for following doctor's orders in your previous posting. My friend Genevieve blasted me for being the same way. I truly understand how difficult it is to say NO to events, people, and places with whom you so much want to be involved. I'm curious in this posting about getting information related to the traveling photographers. A senior church member has a collection of daguerreotypes of wonderfully dressed African Americans. It would appear that all were taken by the same photographer. He has no recollection of a photographer in his family, but these tin images were in his sister's estate. I'd appreciate any info you have on traveling photographers. Thank you also for linking visitors and friends to my website.