Thursday, January 6, 2011

Highly Prized Cups

Patience.  Is this the number #1 skill required for learning to draw?

I filled in the first drawing with colour and am still sketching cup #2 which was a gift from my BFF (I read the other day that this was voted in the top 10 phrases that needed to retire but since I've never used it I wanted to get in on it before it was gone to see how it felt...I'm underwhelmed by BFF).  

Back to the cup.  Kelly, who I love and adore, made this cup.  She is a creative but I'll always think of her as a potter since that is what she was doing and teaching when we meet 10 years ago.  I love drinking tea from this cup.  She dug the clay up herself!  It was a bit challenging to draw.  At the time I was really tired and the kitchen table was a mess and it was late and and and...but here it is.



Here is the first one with colour added:




  1. Glad to see you're doing the sketchbook challenge too. Will be helpful for me to see an online buddy trudging through the year with me. (not sure trudging is the word I'm looking for but can I blame the twlight they gave me yesterday lol while getting my injection ;-)

  2. Karen, they really look good. Congratulations to at least "someone" who can follow instructions. I took a drawing class some time ago and it was laborious. I think I'm "unteacheable" LOL.

  3. I used to draw with Everyday Matters in 2006. The group has moved to Yahoogroups but here is a wonderful list of things to draw every day. You have inspired me to go back to trying again.