Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lets self-publish our own quilt/art catalogs! We can do this!

I just finished reading How To Self-Publish Your Own Quilt Catalog by Kyra E. Hicks at 3something AM and popped right up to write this review!  Every quilter should know Kyra E. Hicks!  What I mean is if you're a quilter and you come online, you should know Kyra.  She has had an internet presence for at least 20 years which is how I "met" her 20 years ago when Prodigy was the hot commodity in a quilter's forum, (this continues to amaze me in a good way).  In addition to being a quilter, she is also a quilt researcher and journalist.  This book and accompanying blog is her recent adventure and offering to quilters!

This very affordable 24-page workbook, Kyra reminds us the importance of documenting what we do for the sake of prosperity and historical purposes along with walking us through the options (Blurb, Lulu, CreateSpace) and steps for print-on-demand to create catalogs of our quilts/art.  Catalogs that can be shared with family/friends/galleries/collectors in addition to being a stream of revenue.

It is written so straight-forward, personal, and plain, that now I'm adding this as a personal monthly goal (gulp, did I just type this aloud?!).  It really feels like something I can handle.  And it is quite timely since a few weeks ago I made the decision to reclaim my D40x from Ade, my youngest son, and signed up for Karen Walrond's monthly sessions to give some focus in learning the camera.  It is a necessity for me to learn to photograph my own work beyond just posting here or on Facebook.  (This month's goal is to play with aperture and snap shots of what we're grateful for).

Kyra's book is available in paperback and as an e-book, but I suggest the paperback to make it easier to use the workbook pages. Or if you're a dedicated e-reader, the books are so inexpensive you can buy both.

Okay, it is after 4 now, and I'm planning to be in the studio before 9.  Today is demo-day at Mellwood and I'll be hand-quilting the "abandoned" piece and on a 2 other "boats" pieces.  Peace and sweet dreaming...


  1. Thanks so much for this information!!! I had a conversation with my kids not to long ago about documenting my quilts. I ordered the book so "away I go".nn:c)

    1. Let me know when you've read through it and maybe we can go at it together!