Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Power in the Chitlin' Circuit

Yes, yes, yes...thank you Lord (stomping feet, head bowed, right hand held high, left hand over heart)...yesterday I was feeling the power, (I GOT THE POWER...hearing the voice in that song that I can't name...anybody???).  I held up to a long day at the Chitlin' Circuit, my studio, and made what felt like progress.

DSC_0381 DSC_0382
Untitled at this time but finished.

added the color...since this is of an boarded up storefront church, I'm thinking hand quilting, but I might succumb to machine quilting.

another toilet paper insert fabric...my intent was to go with subdued colours...then i changed my mind.

One last thing and then I gotta go...but Enchanted Arts Studio has this hanging outside their door...it is a work in progress.  It took me by surprise when I saw it.

Looking forward to seeing what comes next...paper maiche, clay, fabric...all of the above


  1. You're a lot like myself. I'll start out with subdued colors and quickly realize there is not a subdued bone in my body when it comes to color. I love the church. What's the process?

  2. the church was screened on using thickened dyes and the colours are dye-na-flow.

  3. Hooray for a brilliant day in the studio! That church piece is wonderful and powerful and I LOVE it!!!
    May that power stay with you! Wishing you a great weekend and a blessed Easter.

  4. From your keyboard to God's iPad! hehehe, Thanks and a blessed Easter and Passover to you!

  5. Really like the quilt of the boarded shotgun. Nice blog

    1. thanks Abdul! The image will be one that I'll repeat in future works.