Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Salonpas patches and Aperture

ai yai eyeee...every muscle in my body is hurting...Peter and I cleaned some stuff from the storage unit last Saturday and dropped it off at my studio. It involved moving and rearranging heavy boxes around.  The mission was to bring the sewing desk out and take it over but we ran into a challenge which the details when summed = desk too big for the back of the truck.  I prepared a fairly involved dinner on Sunday and then yesterday did some near major rearranging in the studio to accommodate the stuff from storage.

Peter has some Salonpas patches which I stuck on my lower back and neck shoulder area...too bad the patches don't come in strips that I could wrap myself in fully...I would have slept mummified!  It is 9:30am and I'm undecided if this will be a go or stay day.

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around aperture...its that inverse thing that keeps confusing me...the higher the aperture number the lower the depth of field, the lower the aperture number the greater the depth of the field.

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