Saturday, October 8, 2005

Quilting Issues

I have a really hard time throwing away scrap fabric and related materials no matter how small...its not that I'm going to have a rush on slivers, and I do mean slivers!, of peltex, fabrics, or even a few inches of thread.  I'll look at a 3 inch piece of thread and say to myself, "I can use this if I ever do that confetti look between tulle".  Now, this is not something I'm known for, being this frugal.  My attitude towards other stuff is "if its broke, fix it right away or throw it out", "haven't worn it in 2 seasons, give it to goodwill".  I don't like "stuff" to be in my space and because having "stuff" that doesn't get used or worn makes me irritable I generally have an attitude about thrifty spending...but this?! not being able to or more appropriately forcing myself to purge bags of teeny tiny slivers of fabric pieces and jars of short threads is just painful!? 

Yesterday I tried cut and slash technique to see how I liked the look for my own work and afterwards I had this 8 inch block and I was like, I just can't stuff it away...I need to at least turn it into a small piece to hang in my own space.  I think I made the mistake of using fabrics I really loved which prolly adds to this need to "turn it into something".  It just seems so wasteful not to.  I have issues and need a quilt doctor, LOL.


  1. "a man was cleaning the attic of an old house in new england and he found a box which was full of tiny pieces of string. on the lid of the box was an inscription in an old hand: "string too short to be saved." your post reminded me of the book "string too short to be saved," a memoir my mother-in-law-not gave me...loved the post and the reminder of that book...stay well, peace out and keep the faith...

  2. You don't need a quilt doctor! You are perfectly normal - you must be because I do the same and I know I'm ok!!

  3. You can make a nesting material container for birds. They'd love your "strings too short to save" and quilting bits.
    Also hair from hairbrushes (that sounds gross, but it's true).
    I've seen "nesting wreaths" in garden magazines to give for the bird fanciers in your life for Christmas.
    I intend to make from one of those woven sacks onions come in, to make better use of our dog's dustbunnies (than clogging my vacuum). As well as all this hair my thyroid is making me loose in my brushes.
    I can imagine how lovely a nesting material container would look with your colorful things in it.

  4. Oh gosh, I can relate! I can't throw any single bit of fabric away..... I always think I may use use it "someday" and here I am 12 years into quilting and those scraps still are around.
    A few months ago, in an effort to simplify my life, I pulled out my special "bin" that stores those odds and ends in an effort to throw most of them turned into an exercise in remembering what fabric scrap...made what quilt or item for whom.... Consequently I barely discarded any of it..
    All in all, I must a sentimental dork, a pack-rat or just mental period...
    Thanks for the post...;)