Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Visual Fest 2

Inspired by Pat's vintage family photos, I wanted to share these from my own family.  I have tapes of interviewing family who are now deceased, a marriage certificate of my great grandmother, and a handwritten letter from my great great grandmother to her daughter, the same one I have the marriage certificate for.  I also have 2 dressy dresses that belonged to each of them, one of which I use to wear. I love collecting these things. Typically items that many have easily discarded.  In the 80's and early 90's I spent a lot of time researching my family and have a wonderful photographic history.  I even have a photo of my great great great grandmother, Miranda Jackson.  Since I will not be returning to work anytime soon, I hope to make some time for picking this interest back up after the first of the year. 

Aunt_lena The infamous Aunt Lena, far right behind the little girl. Taken somewhere in the area of Corapolis, PA.

Elizabeth My grandmother, Elizabeth, who loved to have a good time, dress up, smell good, the works.  She taught me how to switch, ya know, how to work it!  I got too much junk in the trunk now, I could hurt ma'self.

Elizabeth_pearl_usher_smith Elizabeth as a toddler.

Historical_photos_of_my_family Another set of great great grandparents, Lula with her 4th husband. (She out lived them all and was said to be hateful and mean).  Lula with her sister Rosa.

Below, family Tombstones and in the other photo my mother stands on the far left with her sisters, a brother, and a niece and her mother.Robey_tombstones_1 Robey_clan                                                                                 

Tucker_wright_and_students Tucker Wright's One Room School House.  My mother is among this class which includes 3 of her brothers, a sister, and a woman that would become an in-law.


  1. Your grandmother was gorgeous!!
    Why was your Aunt Lena "infamous"?

  2. I love this stuff! You are giving me some good ideas.

  3. Aunt Lena is dressed to the nines. There are days when I wish we still dressed that way...so cool. My Aunt Riva was the infamous one...every one called her Baby Doll..one can only wonder. My mom both loved and hated her...had to be a man involved...but boy , could they all party down.

  4. I LOVE these pictures! They are so important to have! I have scanned in all of my family's very old pictures. I even have one of those tintypes. My family's photos are the most precious thing that I own. You make me want to share mine now!

  5. This is great stuff, girl!
    I can see the resemblance you have to your mother. Her brother sure does look hot in those shades. (blush)

  6. Oh, these are great! Your grandmother was beautiful. What do you mean by "switch, work it"?
    There are many Aunt Lulus out there...like Lewis Black says, "The mean ones never die. Just open your door and yell at the kids outside on your lawn, It's just like taking vitamins!"

  7. I love all these old photos. Beautiful women with interesting stories...I wish I had more family pictures of my own. This reminds me that I need to scan the few I have! Jen

  8. I love these photos. I too love to collect family photos, because I see the importance of keeping family history for future generations to come. Treasure these photos...well I know you do...but just can't stress it enough!!!

  9. gorgeous gramma -- i love learning people's stories...now i'm off to look up corapolis and tucker wright's one room schoolhouse -- so cool! man i love history!

  10. Corapolis, PA!! I'm very near there. The Pittsburgh airport is near there now.