Saturday, February 18, 2006

I did manage to get a little something done

Thanks to everyone who offered support for this online gaming problem I now have.  Just beware of "the woman" who is spreading this around. She recently compared herself to  Jack Nicholson's character from the movie The Shining.  Jn_4 She even found me in a game room this evening and told me that she would try to find me tomorrow.  For a sec, I thought about staying put right through the night to make sure she would find me upon her return...but reason stepped in just before I acted on Valeri's suggestion to break the computer.  I stepped away and went to the sewing machine where my Feb. journal quilt layed waiting for my return to finish it for it's unveiling tomorrow.  I just need to do a little section of quilting and the binding. I even managed to start on March's.

Come back tomorrow for the unveiling.


  1. I bet you beat blue mohawk guy! Looking forward to seeing your journal quilt...

  2. We need to get together for a game some evening. Look for wi1dh3art, just scraping 1600, in one of the beginners rated rooms. Should we set a date?